Knitting in Literature & Pop Culture

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Knitting books and patterns with a literary theme have been very popular lately. There are the Jane Austen Knits from Interweave, the What Would Madame Defarge Knit? from Cooperative Press, and tons of individual patterns on Ravelry with literary roots. There are even a few from Yarn Love! The Frivolous Socks are inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma Woodhouse; from Sense & Sensibility there are the Miss Margaret Socks which are named for Margaret Dashwood,   and thee Lady Elinor socks are named after her older sister, Elinor Dashwood. Although it is unclear if Jane Austen herself was a knitter, she does mention some of her characters knitting in Emma, where there are references to both Jane Fairfax and Mrs. Bates knitting. Madame Defarge was an avid knitter. Her contribution to the French Revolution was knitting a roster of names that would become victims of the Revolution.

There’s also lots of knitting in TV and movies! In Friends, there are several episodes that show Phoebe knitting, but this clip is by far the best. It shows Phoebe struggling to learn how to knit, and then she shows a few strands of yarn tied together, throws it around her neck and exclaims, “Scarf’s done!”.

There have been a surge of patterns inspired by the Harry Potter series, and Hermoine showed off some great knit accessories in the movies. Dumbledore also mentions a love of knitting patterns in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood  Prince.


Why all this talk about knitting in pop culture and literature? Because we’ve begun a new contest!

Yarn Love needs your help! Create the newest Yarn Love color and win a spot on our Fall 2013 palette.This contest is being held in the Yarn Love Ravelry group

You: Create a brand-new color based on your favorite literary character or historical person. Next, name your color based on your inspiration. Finally, post here with your idea, description, color name and inspirational photos by October 16th.

Yarn Love: Will narrow the choices down to our top 5 favorites. Then, we’ll set up voting right here in this thread.

You: Will vote for your favorite by midnight, October 23rd.

Yarn Love: Will include the winning color in our Fall 2012 Palette (available in November!) and the winner will receive two skeins of their very own color.

If you have ever longed for a yarn color you just couldn’t find, this is your chance! Craft the color of your dreams and it could become a part of the Yarn Love line.

We encourage you to submit photos or other visual inspiration along with the written portion of your submission. Use the forum photo tools to post your pics right in your post.

Dos & Dont’s of the Contest:

1.) One entry per person, please.
2.) Initial color entry must be posted to this thread by midnight October 16th.
3.) Choice of the top 5 colors are up to my discretion.
4.) The winning entry will be chosen by popular vote.
5.) By posting, you agree that Yarn Love may use your color idea, description and name.
6.) The full entry must be written in a single forum post.
7.) No editing/deleting after the October 16th deadline, please.